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We have created a foundation to help you be your child's 1st teacher - as we believe education begins at home!  Using our online early childhood curriculum, to teach children 1 years up to 5 years of age, you will have access to daily lesson plans that are engaging, practical, and developmentally appropriate to spend meaningful time educating your child in the convenience of your own home!  All curriculum is accessible online, every day, every month, all year long across 4 age groups - and includes hundreds of bonus educational resources to help you in your parenting journey!  Get started and purchase for a low, one-time fee of $19.99.  Have access to all 4 age groups and be a member to our online learning family, for life!

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Child Development Screenings

To help you identify any delays or risks in your child's development, we recommend using this support tool that is FREE of charge.  Because your child's first 5 years of life are important, we want to help you provide the best start for your child.  We encourage you to participate in the Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3)TM, to help you keep track of your child's development.  The questionnaire may be provided every 2-, 4- or 6-month period. You will be asked to answer questions about some things your child can and cannot do.  The questionnaire includes questions about your child's communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social skills.  To get your FREE screening and results for your child today, please visit the link below to be redirected to the Easterseals site.  We support the ASQ3 goal to provide early identification of any developmental risks in children as soon as possible, in order to receive the referral services your child may need to better support their development and individual growth.

If you need additional support activity resources, local referrals, or consultations after you have received your screening results from Easterseals, please contact us at [email protected] and we are happy to provide you low-cost, accommodating, and in-person support services, such as classes, to help your child's growth and development in specific areas of need, in our location with our educational professionals.

Complete the free screening for your child online:



12-Week Parenting Group Workshops:

Following the research-based, successfully proven curriculum, The Incredible Years (TM) and implementing small groups, we will HELP YOU in the journey of parenting your children.  Join a group near you!

 *  These group classes will meet 1 hour a week for 12 consecutive weeks.  Location, times, dates are TBD.  Registration will be required and group sizes are limited for effective instruction.