We will DESIGN your very own VBS Curriculum​
Let us help your church, just do your church.
God 1st.  Fun next.  VBS week in your community, will be all yours for the kids you serve.  Unique and Meaningful.

Request & Get Started

What does this process look like?
1.  Set up:  We set up an initial consultation meeting via online web-video conference call, to discuss your plans, goals, and VBS theme curriculum ideas.  
2.  Design:  Curriculum plan writing and development begins for us.  We do all of the creative work, so you get to sit back and relax with God.
3.  Mid-Meeting:  We have a follow-up meeting to discuss any edits, additions, changes, or other necessary details of your curriculum design status.
4.  Finalization:  We have a final phone conversation to finalize curriculum plans, and you are provide with all plans electronically to implement into your program!
5.  Positive Why?   Everyone has fun developing a love for Christ that is life-long and unlike no other.  All of our curriculums, are centered with 4 things in mind.  God, Jesus, the children's interests, and what is relatable to the families in your community.

How soon should we get started and how long will it take?
Curriculum designs usually take us anywhere between 1 and 3 months from start to finish to write and deliver, depending on what you are looking for and the size of your church program.  The sooner you request it, the quicker we can get it to you to use!   Don't wait, let us help serve you to get started making your VBS program - unique, meaningful, fun, and Christ-centered.  

How much does this VBS Curriculum Design cost?
Depending on the size of your programs needs, and how many elements you are looking at us to design and prepare to provide you within the curriculum VBS week, cost for the full curriculum can range anywhere between $200 up to $600.  There is an additional $100 security deposit and set-up fee for the consultations and planning labor.  

What others are saying about our VBS curriculums?
"Anyone who has Kristin at eTeachingMe design their VBS curriculum would be SUPER impressed."  - Kylene, VBS client  

"Kristin at eTeachingMe is dedicated to her work and she brings an abundant amount of energy to whatever endeavor she pursues. Her creativity is perhaps her greatest asset as she tackles problems from multiple perspectives with both in-the-box and out-of-the-box solutions. Her ability to develop curriculum is outstanding, and she is a true asset to the work and ministry of our church family."  - Rev. Jeff Smith, VBS Pastor