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In the Beginning:  Founded in 2012, our company began with one purpose.  To help bring back meaningful, engaging relationships between children and parents, with an educational support system.  Our founder took it back old-school style;  with the idea of electronics getting more prominate as a means of teaching our children using learning "APPS", too much TV screentime, and iPad's for our kids to use.  Instead, she felt the need to take back meaningful time with our children using what has always worked for thousands of years.  Time spent with our child, playing and learning together easily.  The simplicity of a book, crayons, play-doh, street signs for reading, stickers, nature, or any other hands-on opportunity we can use to teach our children.  Our founder is a strong advocate for parents being their child's 1st teacher.  Education begins at home, and it should be meaningful and successful for all children, in any setting.

Our company was founded as an online curriculum "Love N Learn At Home" for parents and caregivers of children aged 1 to 5 years old, to use conveniently and as a resource to teach their own child easily using our activity plans.

Our Founder and CEO:  With a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, as a Registered Texas State Early Childhood Education Trainer, and over 16 years in the field of education, Kristin Miller, M. Ed., developed the entire early childhood curriculum as an independent writer.  In 2012, she self-published her curriculum online within the 1st operational year of business.  Independently, she has developed over 2,000 daily lesson plans & educational resources just for parents and educators to use with young children.  In 2016, she opened her 1st location in Texas and continues to expand the company and services we provide to live our mission.

Love N Learn At Home:  Our online curriculum for parents is accessible on our website portal, after membership purchase.  It includes a full year's worth of daily lesson plans and activity ideas at each developmentally appropriate age range (parents can use with their 1 year olds up to 5 year olds).  There are also hundreds of additional educational resources provided for all age ranges.  It is available for you to
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On this site, we have an online Educational SHOP which includes a variety of resources to use in educating your child, full VBS curriculum plans for church organizations, and other accomodating curriculum resources for any educational need for all children, parents, and educators alike.

Moving Forward:  In 2016, passionate business owner and mom-entrepreneur Kristin Miller, M. Ed. opened up her 1st brick and mortar learning location in Georgetown, Texas.  At the facility, the company provides a variety of educational services to help all children and families.  

In-Location Educational Services:  Our services include customized private tutoring services for a variety of educational needs, enrichment learning group classes for children aged 3 years up to 12 years of age, parenting workshop classes, professional development trainings for early childhood educator providers, special events & camps for kids, and our online SHOP full of curriculum bundles and educational resources for both parents, programs, and educators to use.  You can
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What We Believe:  A successful educational foundation for young children begins with family, parents, and teachers.  Our educational services support this theory, by providing hands-on and meaningful opportunities for all kids to love learning, centered around play activities that we provide in a variety of educational formats both in-location, and online.

Meet Our Founder, Owner, and Mom of 3
Kristin Miller, M. Ed.

"In life, you have to look forward to each day and love what you do.  That's passion, happiness, and hope.  In Education, it's our job to create the foundation for our children to love learning, and learn what they love.  I personally choose to love what I do, succeed in passion, learn every day, and of course, in all else, I wing it."

6 Ways Children Learn​
​Our Early Educational Philosophy

  1. 1
    Self-Discovery and being involved in the process. Activities should be hands-on to engage the child to understand and discover how, what, and why own their own.
    Kids learn by...
  2. 2
    Personal experience. Children have to experience things in order to learn from them. The more experiences provided for the child, the greater their sponge of knowledge will grow.
    Kids learn by...
  3. 3
    Trial and Error. Let the child figure it out on their own!!! Help them when needed. If a mistake occurs, help them figure out ways to correct it or learn from it; NEVER solve it for them!
    Kids learn by...
  1. 4
    Modeling. Showing children what to do, what you want them to do, and how to do something FIRST before letting them try it on their own influences their learning. It’s like when big people have to read directions; understanding before proceeding with the task always helps!
    Kids learn by...
  2. 5
    Their senses. Seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting influences development because it allows children to discover things through internal and external stimulus.
    Kids learn by...
  3. 6
    Developmental milestones. Every child learns at their own pace. There are certain milestones they need to reach dependent on their age. Knowing what they are and engaging in activities to meet milestones provides goals and achievement for children to feel good about their learning and take ownership as well.
    Kids learn by...

HOW our story began...

Time WITH our children is what matters.

The purpose of Edu cation is to create life-long learners.